Flock to Fedora!

In just a little over a month’s time, Fedora will be kicking off it’s brand-new annual developer’s conference in Charleston, South Carolina. In the past, Fedora would run two or more regional conferences called “FUDCon”[1] each year. Historically, these FUDCons were run as “unconferences”, where the most devout of Fedora’s community would converge and put together an agenda on the fly during the first day. Starting this year, instead of an unconference format, we’ve opted for developing something a lot closer to the OpenStack Summit. We opened a call for participation several months ago and then had a public voting period to determine which set of proposed talks and hackfests would be scheduled.

This new conference, named “Flock” will be running for four days, from August 9th through the 12th. The plan is to have a keynote each morning, followed by nine concurrent rooms holding one-hour talks until lunch. After lunch, the rooms will be dedicated to hackfests and birds-of-a-feather discussions. The goal of Flock is to be more of a “Do-Con” (described as such by our illustrious Fedora Project Leader, Robyn Bergeron). We want people to come and learn something each morning, then get together in the afternoon and hack on it (either code or conversation). August 12th is reserved entirely for hackfests and is currently unscheduled. If you get a good start on something new and cool at the conference, you can stick around and really hack on it on Monday.

I submitted a number of proposed sessions to Flock and had a total of five (!) selected for inclusion. If my readers would like to stop in and hear what I have to say, you are welcome to come visit any of the following sessions:

These are, of course, not all of the sessions I will be attending (in fact, looking at the schedule, there is not a single time slot where I do not plan to be attending at least one session). The full schedule for Flock looks to be amazing and I think that there will be a great deal of interesting discussion and work done during this long weekend.

[1] “Fedora Users and Developers Conference”, as well as being a play on words (FUDCon: Against FUD)