Fedora.NEXT at FOSDEM and DevConf

I just want to throw out a quick update on the progress of Fedora.NEXT work.

First of all, the deadline for the submission of the Workstation, Server and Cloud PRDs was extended one week, so they will now need to be delivered by Monday, January 20th. Assuming that the PRDs are ratified by the Fedora Board and FESCo, that means that the next phase will be execution planning.

Execution planning means that we will need to put together a list of resource needs of all varieties (for packaging QA, doc-writers, release-engineering, Ambassadors, etc.). This will also include scoping efforts to determine the delivery schedule.

This is a big task and one that will need help from throughout our community. I’ve reserved time at two of the larger upcoming European FOSS conferences to get people together and brainstorming these needs.

The first such conference is FOSDEM, the Free, Open-Source Developers European Meeting in Brussels, Belgium. I have reserved an hour meeting in the “distributions” devroom on Saturday, February 1 at 1600 local time for this purpose. If you are attending FOSDEM and have any interest in seeing Fedora succeed, I urge you to join us there and help turn these goals into actionable efforts.

The second conference is Devconf.cz, running a¬†week after FOSDEM in Brno, the Czech Republic. Devconf is a very Fedora-friendly conference and will be dedicating an entire day to the Fedora Project: Sunday, February 9th. Matthew Miller, Fedora’s Cloud Architect, will be kicking off the Fedora Day with his keynote entitled “Fedora.next: Future of Fedora Big Picture, plus Working Group report“.

Following Matthew’s keynote, I will be leading a workshop/brainstorming session in the same room entitled “We are Fedora (and so can you!)“. The goal of this session will be similar to that of the FOSDEM devroom session: to get as many people with an interest in Fedora into the same room to help us plan how to meet the visions set forth in the Fedora product PRDs.

If you are going to either of these conferences, I very much hope you will join us!